Have you discovered the Power of Surrender?

Every week, for years now, I do one of the most difficult – yet fruitful  – tasks for my business. That is, I stop doing for one day. I stop  checking email, I stop painting and creating, I don’t attend any  meetings or give any talks, I don’t blog or post on social media,  sometimes I don’t even cook.
I stop everything and take a whole day to rest, nurture myself, meditate  and unplug from anything digital, doing tasks, or work related.
I often start this surrender experience by really checking in with  myself and asking what I need to feel good. ‘Hey Deb, what do you need  to feel good today?’
Please don’t think by any means this is easy. It’s challenging to stop  doing. It goes against everything I grew up hearing on how to be. Fear  tells me I’ve got to do-do-do if I want to see results. Society tells me  I’ve got to “work hard” to make my dreams happen. The little mean  voices in my head tell me I’m lazy. And then, to top it off, I’ll often  have feelings come up that I’ve put aside and they can sometimes be  mighty uncomfortable.
As much as I plan these ‘self-care’ days to be fun and blissful, sometimes they are spent on the sofa with a box of kleenex.
“Okay, so she stops and rests and does nothing once a week. So what? Why should I care?”
Good point.
Here’s the part where I share with you why taking some time to Surrender  on a regular basis has been an extremely powerful ritual for me and my  business. Maybe it can support you manifesting your dreams too.
That is, almost without fail, every time I take one of these days,  something super cool and magical happens afterwards that was not a  direct result of me doing something. It just lands in my lap.
A few weeks ago, after my surrender day, Expedia approached me to come  and facilitate a corporate group to set goals and paint. Way cool! (I  would not even know who to contact in the company if I had thought to  approach them).
Last week, after posting a blog on how I stay positive when my art is  not selling, which helps me surrender, someone emailed me and asked to  purchase the painting I had posted earlier that week on social media!
Today, I took a day off with a box of kleenex – it was one of those days  – to find a text message from a group inviting me to come and share my  art process. Super cool.
There is something magically powerful about stopping and surrendering  that can not only feel wonderful once us westerners come to terms with  doing nothing, but can also yield results and invite in opportunities  that, I believe, may not have arrived if we were out there doing the  same old thing.
This week, I invite you to stop, surrender, and keep a look out for the magic.
To your greatest masterpiece: your life,

with love, Deb

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