The correlation between art and housework


In the dictionary, art comes before housework, always.

Glad we have this one resolved now.

new workshops now posted for 2017

New workshop Upcoming January 2017: Create a Mixed Media Book Combining Words, Images & Illustrations

Flyer_Jan2017MM&WordsIMAGE.jpgIn the case you are the sort that likes to plan ahead… Or you are looking for a super thoughtful Christmas gift for a creative loved one. Here’s the new workshop scoop:

January 2017 – Create a Mixed Media Book Combining Words, Images & Illustrations.  In this one day workshop, learn how to make really cool textured, mixed media backgrounds to which you will add your own words, images, and illustrations. Receive guidance and inspiration as you create either your own book of quotes, an inspiration journal, or photo collage memoir. Come prepared to get a little messy, a lot creative, and to leave with something special, unique and hand made by you! Saturday,  Jan  28th, 2017.  9 am – 4pm. Location: Central Coquitlam, BC. 12 spots. $187.  Early Bird register by Friday January 6th $167.  Acrylic Paints, Mediums and painting tools included. To Register text (604) 736-5111 /

Bring an apron or smock and your favourite drawing tools, pictures and images, and collage papers.

Online tickets here:


Just shipped to New York

sm_reachingout2016Here’s a cool dream: I’d like to be writing a blog post with this title every week. “Just shipped to New York” but replacing New York with; Tokyo, Paris, London, San Francisco, Stockholm, Reykavik… That’d be cool. Thank you for the purchase dear new york art collector, I cannot do what I do without people like you. My gratitude is big. Thank you.

Love the piece? You can  get prints here:

‘Reaching out’ Little Gems Series 9″ x 12″ Mixed Media on Paper (c) 2016 Deb Chaney


3 New Little Gem Paintings

Three new paintings in my Little Gems Series. Each are 9” x 12” Mixed Media on Paper (c) Deb Chaney 2016 $150 ea/Originals Available at the date of this post for and prints at:

‘Another new Uncomfortable Zone’ is really a visual expression or commentary when you are in a position in your life when you keep moving forward into uncomfortable places.. but you know you need to go there, so you keep moving forward. The process of painting helps me process my life and helps me stay in a positive forward direction. This painting is part of my Little Gems series which is based in play, experimentation, and practice.

‘The Cosmos is Watching You’. After I painted this piece and let it dry, it was obvious there was an eye staring straight back at me. Hence the title. I think everything we are doing and who we are being, is being observed by the greater consciousness – God, The Universe, The Cosmos. There is no hiding. This painting acknowledged this truth for me. This painting is part of my Little Gems series which is based in play, experimentation, and practice.

‘Reaching Out’ ‘ is a visual expression and communication of about how lately I’ve been extending myself outward in my business – taking risks, meeting new people, trying new things.

Zazzle Grand Opening Art Merch Store


Hello art-lovers, fellow yogis & artists, friends, and supporters! I am so excited to share with you that my Zazzle Store is now up and running and ready to take orders for the Christmas season. I am profiling my Yoga Girl Series of painting images with a variety of items carrying their images such as cell phone covers, mugs, key chain ornaments, pendants, pocket journals (awesome must-have for a creative yogis!) and more cool items for you to check out.  If there is a product you’d like to see… please email so we can get it available for you! I want to thank you for checking out my new store and considering the possibility and starting your Christmas shopping here with me on Zazzle! Thank you!

Check out the store:

New Work: Cannot Contain My Excitement !

cannotcontain_web_dc2016New artwork “Cannot “Contain My Excitement” Original and prints available.  9” x 12” Mixed Media (Painting: Ink, Pencil, New Media, collage and gold leaf) on Paper (c) Deb Chaney 2016 prints here:

This little painting is part of my Little Gems Series of paintings, many of which were made in front of a workshop group to illustrate a concept or technique. Inspired by practice, they a joy to create and share with you here!

To be honest I painted this after reading Bridgette Mayer’s ‘The Art Cure’ and then spoke to her in person about her book and programs to support artists. I felt so energized and inspired and could not contain my excitement – hence the painting title. (!) 🙂

Keywords: black, sepia, spacious, spiritual, vibrant, yellow, brown, energetic, gold


Getting studio ready for next workshop


The past few days I’ve been cleaning, tidying & organizing the studio for the upcoming advanced workshop – painting in thick layers. There are a few spots open, please or text me at 604-736-5111. Workshop is 3 days: November 25-27, 9-4 each day, located in Central Coquitlam, BC, cost is $ 475 and covers the following:

This is a 3-day hands-on advanced abstract painting workshop with acrylics & mixed media with a focus on experimentation with various liquid and gel acrylic mediums as well as the opportunity to work on your own large abstract painting from start to finish.

– Review the basics of abstract painting: The 3 C’s and The 3 WOW’s.
– Dive into the creative process  of building thick and multi-layered works by watching demonstrations and then working a single large piece and on multiple paintings of your own.
– Thinking in three dimensions as we build up our surfaces and textures using gel medium, modeling paste, heavy gesso, sand gel, gold mica flakes, and more.
– Create intriguing effects by removing paint using hand/electric sanding, scraping, & etching techniques.
– Integrating mixed media into your dry acrylic painting such as; collage elements, pencils, Conte, pastels, spray paint, found objects, gold leaf, mirror leaf, and more.
– Building tinted translucent glassy-look multi-layer of liquid acrylics with water-based polymer mediums.
– Creating clear glossy and glass-like finishes using acrylic water based polymer mediums.
– Finishing  & overall integration techniques.
– Receive support in final critique and completion of your  painting.

This workshop will allow for lots of painting time, with a focus on the creative process and participants receiving the support the start, process, and complete your own large abstract painting.

Includes workbook & handouts.

New artwork: See How Spirit Moves Her

New artwork “See How Spirit Moves Her” Original and prints available. Original is 9” x 12” Mixed Media on Paper (c) Deb Chaney 2016 prints here:

This little painting is part of my Little Gems Series of paintings, many of which were made in front of a workshop group to illustrate a concept or technique. They come from fun, play and practice and are a joy to create and share with you here! See more in this series at ->  Portfolio -> Little Gems