The Music Inside You


I recently watched ‘The Shift‘ movie with Wayne Dyer and was so deeply touched by its message, I decided to watch it again. I still feel like I could watch it many more times and learn the simple lessons that I keep forgetting over and over in this life. Today I was particularly inspired by the part where he shares the story of reading a Leo Tolstoy short story about a man, who upon his death bed, realizes he lived his  whole life wrong and who dies with regret. After Dr. Dyer read that story he decided to himself to not die with his music still in him. Well, this posted is dedicated to you Dr. Wayne Dyer, you who have certainly shared your music with all of us through your books, writings, teachings, recording and this profoundly beautiful movie. I know you can see this from where you are – so thank you, thank you, thank you !

Re-energizing your art practice

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New artwork featured above; ‘Summer in the City’, diptych 9” x 12” Mixed Media, Acrylics on Loose Canvas © Deb Chaney 2016. Originals are available for sale or (604) 736-5111. See more from the Little Gems Series.

Join me on Bowen Island to Paint & Play!

BowenMixedWorkshop2016_IMAGE.jpgPaint, Play, Experiment in Mixed Media & Acrylics

Join artist Deb Chaney for a full day of play & experimentation with acrylics & mixed media! You’ll learn 9 mixed media techniques to add intrigue, depth, and texture to your acrylic paintings. Try some gels, pastes and mirror leaf & see the effects they create. Focus on having fun & supporting your creative expansion. Lots of demos, plenty of painting time. Wednesday Oct 5. 2016. 9=4 pm. Cost $ 100 + GST. Bring your acrylic paints & support. We’ll provide the Mixed Media. Register:   (604) 947-2216

Big Thank you to my Angel Helper Wendy !


I was so blessed at this past workshop with the Pacific Northwest Art Institute on gorgeous Whidbey Island to have an assistant! Introducing the wildly creative and oh so supportive Wendy Lee Lynds . Seriously, I swore I was going to put her in my trunk and take her home to assist with me for all my workshops! Wendy helped with set up, take down, cleaning brushes, taking photos, passing out hand outs, freshening up my water, and even took me to dinner at the end of the workshop. That’s for sure one of my Achilles’s heel soft spots – I love being fed! Wendy has found a permanent space in my heart. Big thank you!

[Actually I’m really hoping Wendy sees this post and joins me for my Advanced Abstract Painting with Mixed Media in thick layers this November here in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Details here:]

Here’s what she said about taking my workshop:  “Many “AH HA” moments galore – both artistically and personally for me while in Deb Chaney’s workshop. Deb brings to the table equal parts arts professional and genuinely warm-hearted individual. This important combo brought me to a new way to approach my abstract work and the tools to have a painting that reflects “me”when completed. I would take another workshop by Deb in a heartbeat and would hardily point others in
her direction, as well…..”

– Wendy Lee Lynds, Artist at Silver Spike Studio
instagram: wendyleelynds
pinterest: wendy lee lynds/silver spike studio

Fall workshop special, upcoming advanced workshop & what students are saying about Deb’s workshops


Fall 2016. Existing workshop students receive half of September 17-18 th 2016 workshop price.Usually $375 now $187.50. Valid for September 2016 workshop only. Student must have taken basic abstract painting course with Deb Chaney prior. Held in Central Coquitlam, BC. or call/text (604) 736-5111. Full details for workshop Layers & Process: A Workshop journey in Abstract painting with acrylics – description  at

And for those of you who have taken this fundamental abstract workshop and are ready for the next level, I will be offering a 3 day Advanced Workshop painting  in thick with Gels & Mediums, creating encaustic (wax) effects with acrylics and learning to etch back into multiple thick layers of acrylics and mediums. Super fun. That’ll be in November 25 – 17, 2016 full details at

Above photo: the painting workshop group on Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest Art Institute each holding their favorite painting they created during the 3 day Layers & Process workshop.

Here’s what participants had to say about the last workshop:

” Deb’s energy and humanity informs all aspects of her workshop. She is organized, sensible, and knowledgeable.  She sets a very supportive atmosphere for a diverse group of students. Her caring about individual students is rare.”  – Mari Jalbing, Seattle WA

” Very balanced class – open to each person’s ability and taking us on a very intense but useful 3 days. [The workshop experience] got me to try new things and think in a new ways.” – Sue Lee, Kirkland, WA

” I feel that Deb was extremely well organized and led us through the course step by step.  The slide shows helped greatly to illustrate the points she made. I greatly enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal. ”  – Marilyn Sandau, Port Townsend, WA