The vulnerability of process


The vulnerability of a painting in process… Base layers, texture, ideas, attachment, courage, fear, love, excitement… What will she become? An abstract landscape mixed media painting in process. Again, I am lured to the metaphor of raising a child. They need guidance, attention and love. But then again we can’t get too attached in the case of smothering or not letting them have their own life.

The painting process is so similar. I have to give her love and attention and then step back. Let her breathe. Ponder what’s next. Trust its going to some how all come together, even if I have no idea how.Trust that she’ll grow up to be whose she’s supposed to be in the world. That I gave her everything she needed. Letting go is required at some point.

When I am painting, I receive guidance for the next layer, one layer at a time. I have a sense idea of what I want to create, but not an exact pre-conceived image. Just feelings, colours, ideas, textural shapes. An idea. An inspiration. Guidance. I must step back, stop even, and reflect on principles of design and colour to help me get situated with all the elements I’m working with. So often, it’s easier when I really dislike the piece. Then I go forth without a care or whim and add and subtract layers with so much freedom. I’m loving every layer here, so its fun and beautiful and excruciating all at once. Just like raising a child you love so much.

Love, let go, love, let go…