Thank you Brave Girls!

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Over the holidays, my daughter Ruthie and I went to visit my friend Liz, and ended up having a beautiful chat and connection with her sister, Yolanta. Yolanta shared with me about ‘a little bird told me’ and the ‘brave girls club’ and showed me an example of the weekly inspirational and positive emails she receives each week from these soulful, uplifting, and creative women. Brave Girls. She also shared that they were looking for bird art submission for their newsletter.  I just love what these Brave Girls are doing and I got excited when I saw the art call. So, after we got home, Ruthie and I got out the paints and collage materials and made a bunch of little birdie themed art pieces.   This Red & Green birdie piece we made together and is about 5” x 7” postcard size.  Thank you Brave Girls for showing our artwork on your newsletter! Deb

Art in the Venues – Performance Works Theatre Granville Island Exhibit

ArtInVenuesPosterIMAGEBig thanks to Una at Performance Works Theater for her support in organizing and helping with setting up the display for this show.

PERFORMANCE WORKS and the Granville Island Culture Society presents Where Spirituality Meets Physicality, an exhibit by Deb Chaney, January 6 – March 2, 2016 at Granville Island, 1218 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8. Exhibit can be viewed one hour prior to each performance or by appointment. Contact 604 687 3005


Where Spirituality meets Physicality, is a series of abstract landscape paintings by Deb Chaney that were created while exploring into the question; where does spirituality meet physicality? In each painting, the earth/ground represents the physical nature of existence where the artist uses heavy body acrylics and mediums such a modeling paste with raw earth materials such as sand, salt and paper collage to create thick textured earthy matter: “Physicality”. The sky/upper portion of each painting represents the spiritual nature of existence where the artist taps into the unseen realm of spirit, faith, surrender, trust, and inner listening allowing these to guide her gestural manipulation of watered down liquid acrylics and polymer mediums to express:  “Spirituality”. The act and and process of creating these painting allows the artist to gain insight into this question of where and perhaps how spirituality and physicality meet. Each painting reveals its answer to the artist through its final name.

Here are the works on display at this venue and their price listing if you are interested in purchasing please do contact me or text at (604) 736-5111. Thank you always to collectors and supporters!


Paintings for long wall/South Wall (above shelf):
1.    Passion 30” x 40” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $ 850 (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
2.    Creative Process 36” x 36” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $ 950  (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
3.    Stillness 36” x 48” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $ 1250  (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
4.    Grounding 30” x 40” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $850  (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
5.    Feeling Emotions 24 x 24 x  1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $250 (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
6.    Sands of Time 16  x 16  x  1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $150  (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
7.    Jericho Sands 16  x 16  x  1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $150  (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111


Painting for Feature Wall (Side area next to women’s washroom)
1.    Vermont in a Snowstorm 36” x 24” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $950 (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111


Paintings for North Wall – Two Sections Split by pillar
1.    Romance I (diptych) 36” x 24” x 1.5”  Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $850 ea or $ 1500 for both (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111
2.    Romance II (diptych) 36” x 24” x 1.5” Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas $850 ea or $ 1500 for both (c) Deb Chaney (604) 736 – 5111

if you are interested in purchasing an original artwork please do contact or text at (604) 736-5111. Thank you always to collectors and supporters!

Thank you D2Art & Sala Interiors!


Big shout out and THANK YOU to my gallery in Los Angeles – D2 Art & Sala Interiors for selling my original piece entitled Fragments of Life #14 . I am grateful and  excited to have another California collector and appreciative to my art being in the world and adding beauty and positive energy into people’s living and working space! THANK YOU for your support. Yippee! Success! This  blog is my celebration!

Fragments of Life # 14, 23″ x 30″ Acrylics on 300 pound coldpress watercolour paper.Original Sold. See more in this series Fragments of Life paintings Deb Chaney  . . Prints Available at Deb CHaney art Saatchi Online Gallery.

A Special Invitation for Artists looking for Support & Inspiration

Flyer_ArtSupportGroupIMAGEDear Artist Friend,

Over the last six months I have successful run a Mastermind Group based on the concept presented in Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. That is a small group of people who are synergistically connected to support each other to achieve their goals and succeed beyond what they could do on their own. We are seeing this now with our group as we continue to move forward with creating our dreams. Its fun, powerful and exciting!

I would like to invite you to join a new group starting this year, specifically for artists and creatives of all genres. This group is different than a basic Mastermind group as it will be co-facilitated with myself and an energy healer intuitive,  who will support the group at each meeting on energetic level to clear energetic blocks and beliefs. It is also different as we are inviting artists an creative people only.

The single biggest questions that comes up when I offer  this group is what about artists and competition?
Let’s start the conversation with this fantastic video speaking directly about competition:
And if you’re skipping the video cause you’re busy (totally understand) the bottom line is: There is always room at the top.

Come join us this year,  play your best game, and get to the top of your success as you define it.

Details are below in the attached flyer. Registration space is limited. Group is offered online internationally via video conference. There is an application process to join the group, please email me directly for this application form. Only suitable candidates will be accepted into the group – the main criteria being a overall mind set of working together to help others and being wiling to receive feedback and support.

Deb Chaney

PS You may know a creative friend looking for support who’d be interested – pls do kindly forward this information.

Your life is your art


Happy New Year 2016!

Over this past year and recently to prepare for the Goals Workshop I am co-facilitating later this month here in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC  I have been reading The Desire Map by Danille La Porte. This book is special because it’s not just about setting goals, it starts to tap into the deeper drive of why we set goals: to feel a certain way. In the journey of the book and its adjoining workbook we get to know ourselves at a feeling level and start to discover why we want certain things. Most often we want certain things and desire specific goals in order to feel a certain way. Danielle gets us to the bottom of things and encourages us to determine our top four desired feelings. In realizing that we are predominantly desiring  to feel these top 4 feelings… For example, these could be : Appreciation, Peace, Freedom and Creativity.

That being said, I loved this quote from the book  “Your life is your art. When you make tough choices in favor of your soul, you’re making a masterpiece of your existence.” and so I placed it on an art piece I made last year.

The artwork  in the background is entitled Freedom  60″ x 40″ x 1.5″ Mixed Media on Canvas and is on display, available for purchase, and located downtown Vancouver, BC  at Unit #1115 (11th Floor) 555 Burrard Street (Bentall Tower 2). You can make an appointment to see it and a number of other large original pieces by contacting Tarasch Rawjee (604) 306-4912 /