In the studio..

In the studio..

Paintings in process in the studio this year. Under the table is the very start of some of the Fragments of Life pieces. The pieces on the table are in process and often in consideration for next layer addition or removal. The pieces hanging are 95% finished and are hung to step back and view.


6 thoughts on “In the studio..

  1. Hi Deb, I follow the progress and I wonder to know if those are canvas not stretched
    or kind of rigid cardboard? Thank you.

    Christian Lipani (fino pino on FB)

  2. Hi Christian, These pieces are all 23 x 30″ 300 pound Arches Coldpress (this means they are quite textured as opposed to hot press which is smooth) Water Colour paper. They are very tough and rigid and
    can take a lot of working and re-working. Deb

  3. Where could I buy some of that stuff. I never worked on that but it seems to be very interesting. Thanks, Christian Lipani

  4. Dear Christian. I’m not sure where you live. I’m in Vancouver, BC and they carry this paper at OPUS. There are also many major online art stores that would carry it, are a few that come to mind… Google : Arches 300 pound coldpress paper and see what comes up and/or call your local art supply store. good luck.

  5. I live in Kelowna , so I would imagine the Opus store here could get me that kind of paper. They know me pretty well, in fact March 15th I will give a Demo on the resin mixed with acrylic paint. Thanks for the info . Christian Lipani.

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